Who is minding the store? Activity at the leading edge of climate/transport nexus

To ensure the maintenance of a first class reference base for World Streets, it is important to ensure we are able to track the main sources of ideas and initiatives in the domains what are our concerns here – the challenging nexus of climate, environment, transport, cities, etc. Just below you have the current listing of groups and sources currently tracked here. Would you mind having a look and seeing if we are missing anything that should be included in our shared database?

I should mention that all of these sites are covered by several of our search engines, which you can see on the menu, Thus if you click our combined search engine here — http://www.google.com/cse/home?cx=004787970323652826430%3Atpdfz_gy3b8 – you will find that your keywords are directed to scan the content of all of these sites. A handy way to follow progress and concerns at the leading edge.

Thank you for letting us know if there are programs, sources and sites that need to be added to this listing. It is for us all.

1. Active Transportation Alliance
2. African Community Access Programme (AFCAP)
3. Alliance for Biking & Walking
4. Association for European Transport
5. Bakfiets Cycle News
6. Better Transport (UK)
7. Bicycle Design
8. Bicycle Fixation
9. Bicycle Partnership Program
10. Bike-sharing Blog
11. Brazilian Pedestrian Association
12. Brookings Institute – Metro
13. C40 – Large Cities Climate Leadership
14. California Center for Innovative Transportation
15. Campaign for Better Transport
16. Carsharing US
17. Center for Neighborhood Technology
18. Centre for Science and Environment
19. China Dialogue
20. Cities for Mobility
21. CitiesACT (Asia)
22. Citistates Group
23. City CarShare
24. City Fix
25. City Mayors
26. CityRyde (USA)
27. Ciudad Viva
29. Clean Air Initiative (CAI)
30. Climate Alliance of European Cities
31. Climate ark
32. Clinton Climate Initiative
33. Community Transportation Association of America
34. Copenhagenize.com
35. CROW – Technology Platform for Transport & Public space
37. ELTIS case studies
38. Embarq – Center for Sustainable Transport
39. Embarq – WRI
40. Energie-Cités
41. Energy Foundation China.org
42. EPOMM – European Platform on Mobility Management
43. EUROCITIES mobility
44. European Federation for Transport & Environmen
45. Feet First.
46. Flexibility.co.uk
47. Forum for the future
48. Friends of the Earth (Transport)
49. Frixo traffic reporting
50. Gehl architects.
51. Global Alliance for EcoMobility
52. Global Environment & Technology Foundation
53. global Transport Knowledge Partnership
54. Go For Green
55. Google maps bike there
56. Gotham Gazette
57. Green 2009
58. Green car congress.
59. Greenstreet Sweden
60. Grist
61. GTZ
62. Guardian-Transport/Environment
63. I Bike T.O.
64. I Walk to School
65. IBSR – L’Institut Belge pour la Sécurité Routière
66. IEEE
68. INRETS (France)
69. International Downtown Association
70. International Federation of Pedestrians (IFP)
71. International Transport Forum
72. International Walk to School
73. ITDP – China (photo library)
74. ITDP – Institute for Transportation & Development Policy –
75. Japan for Sustainability (JFS)
76. Key NewMob definitions
77. Knoogle combined search of all following blogs and sources
78. KonSULT
79. Land Transport Authority – Singapore
80. Livable City
81. Livable Streets Network
82. MindsinMotion.net
83. Mobility Magazine (South Africa)
84. Network Musings
85. New Economics Foundation
86. News from Amsterdam
87. Next American City
88. One Street
89. Oxford Transport Network
90. Pan Africa Bicycle Information Network
91. Parisar (India)
92. Partners for Public Spaces (PPS) i
93. Perils for Pedestrians
94. Planetizen
95. Polis
96. Practical cyclist Blog
97. Prevention Institute
98. Reconnecting America
99. Regional Community Development News
100. Reinventing Transport
101. Safe Kids
102. Safe Routes to School
103. Shared Space.Institute
104. Shrinking Cities
105. Sightline Institute
106. SMART – Inspire Mobility
107. Smart growth america
108. Smart Growth Online
109. Social Data
110. Spokes.org.uk
111. STPP
112. Street-Films
113. Streets Alive
114. Streetsblog (NYC)
115. Sustainable Cities Net
116. Sustainable Connections
117. Sustainable Development Gateway
118. Sustainable Energy Africa
119. Sustainable Urban Transport Project
120. Sustran – Global South Forum
121. The Commons
122. The Idea Factory
123. The Nation – Transportation
124. The PEP – Transport, Health & Environmen
125. the transport politic
126. Tne Infrastructurist
127. Transaid
128. Transition Towns
129. Transport Research Knowledge Centre
130. Transportation Alternatives
131. Transumo
132. Treehugger-transportation
133. UITP
134. UN Division for Sustainable Development (DSD)
135. Urbamet
136. Urban Buzz
137. Urban Design
138. Urban Design and Planning
139. Urban Land Institute
140. Urban places and spaces
141. Urban Transport Issues Asia
142. Urban Trransportation Monitor
143. Value Capture News
144. Velo Mondial
145. Victoria Transport Policy Institute
146. Virginia Tech Transportation Institute
147. Walk & Bike for Life
148. Walk to School (UK)
149. Walking School Bus
150. Wash Cycle
151. Where
152. WHO – Transport and Health
153. Wiki on Sustainable Transportation
154. Wikipedia entry (for comment)
155. WiserEarth (WE)
156. World Business Council for Sustainable Development
157. World Changing
158. World Resources Forum
159. World Resources Institute
160. Worldwatch Institute
161. Wuppertal Institute

One of our respected colleagues who had a look at this listing over the weekend, suggested that it might do well to be pared down a bit. What we are looking for is not every sits on the block that is looking into these matters for their specific local or limited purposes, but rather the programs that are reaching out to find information an clues that will be valuable to researchers, activists ,and policy makers wishing to stay on top of the key developments and trends world wide.

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