Eyes left . . .

Looking for something sustainable? What about over on the left-hand side of World Streets. (Contribution by Gail Jennings. Original article appeared in Mobility Magazine, South Africa in 7 October edition.)

If you are looking for a comprehensive list of sustainable transportation websites, organisations, and institutes leading the way worldwide. here’s just a sample: a partial glance down the first three letters of the alphabet.

* Active Transportation Alliance
* African Community Access Programme (AFCAP)African Community Access Programme (AFCAP)
* Alliance for Biking & Walking
* Association for European Transport
* Bakfiets Cycle News
* Better Transport (UK)
* Bicycle Design
* Bicycle Fixation
* Bicycle Partnership Program
* Bike-sharing Blog
* Brazilian Pedestrian Association
* Brookings Institute – Metro
* C40 – Large Cities Climate Leadership
* California Center for Innovative Transportation
* Campaign for Better Transport
* Carsharing US
* Center for Neighborhood Technology
* Centre for Science and Environment
* China Dialogue
* Cities for Mobility
* CitiesACT (Asia)

And that’s just a sample from the top. In the event you wish to search all the 150-plus programs and databases linked to the site, all youi have to do is click here to http://tinyurl.com/ws-search-ws

Under ‘Key Sources, Links and Blogs’ you’ll also find the World Streets archives, insights and contributions from leading thinkers and practitioners around the world. It’s even better than Facebook

The five most recent stories from World Streets are also visible on the right-hand side feed of Mobility Magazine in South Africa, the Oxford Transport Network in the UK, and Parisar in India. We are all getting together to tighten the sustainability link and collaboration across city and national borders.

Caption: Want sustainable transportation and sustainable lives? You got to push for it… Like Eric Britton, editor World Streets, is doing . . .

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Gail Jennings, Mobility Magazine, Cape Town, South Africa. Gail writes about issues such as social and environmental justice, energy and climate change, community-based projects, non-motorised transport, and edit Mobility Magazine (a quarterly transport publication for the southern African public sector).

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