Honk! Homage to Hans Monderman

Unexpected interview in Groningen (On the street and straight to the point)

1 min 20 sec – May 30, 2006

Description: What? You know all about transport in cities and you have never heard of Groningen? Well, check out this an unexpected street interview in Groningen, a slice of life as lived by our old friend and transport innovating colleague (and now World Eyes on the Street correspondent from Portugal) Robert Stussi. He has titled it: A Homage to Hans Monderman. Hear, hear!

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About Robert Stussi

Robert is a senior consultant, researcher and activist in Transport and Urban Mobility. He received his B.Sc. in Civil Engineering, Major in Transportation Planning, in 1968 from the Swiss National Institute of Technology and his M.Sc. in Planning from University of British Columbia. Pro-active for soft modes, European Mobility Week, mobility management, carsharing, alternative vehicle technologies. Networking and EU project and expert activities. Working and teaching experience in several countries, and an active proponent of bike and carsharing for some years.

About the editor:

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