YouBike: New Share Bike scheme in Taipei

A new public bike scheme just started by the Taipei goverment and supported by Giant bicycle in Taipei. As stated on the wibsite: “Bicycle is clearly growing trend all around the world. It is a symbol of advanced, civic and a green city. The cycling population in Taiwan is growing rapidly acrros all ages.”

The ambition of the project is to promote the use of bicycle as the “last mile” connection for public transportation. This encourage a new commuting culture to let more people to take public transport. Increase transport efficiency while reducing the energy consumption. as the same time.

The YouBike system is controled by automated electronic system, using RFID and smart card system.

The YouBike Public Bicycle System uses the EasyCard as the membership card. Short-term card registration is available from the information kiosk at each rental point. Long-term card can be applied via the YouBike website or service center.

First 30 minutes of each session is free then TWD 10 (about $0.30) for each additional 15 minutes.

Some statistics:
• Automated bicycle station: 11
• RFID tagged parking space: 754
• YouBikes: 500
• Service center: 1

English language website at:

Contact for further information: or Fax 02 2722-4211

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