Honk! A New Paris? And a New Mobility Dream?

I thought this might be a rotten way for you to start your day. Just to let you know that all the dinosaurs are not dead. This chilling Brave New World illustration from an article that appeared in Monday’s New York Times. Click here to check it out.

The news is not quite as bad as that, this being one of the more outrageous images resulting from an architectural completion commissioned by the government last summer, looking for ideas for Le Grand Paris (the greater Paris region which as yet has no legal entity), but which is marked by very large economic and life quality differences depending on where you live. They selected ten mainly well known architectural firms to have a go. There are, as you might well suspect plenty of worthy ideas in the contributions. For more you can Google “Le Grand Paris” or, in French “Grand pari de l’agglomération parisienne”

Perhaps someone might tell me how much do architects actually know and or think about the complex ins and outs of sustainable transportation. A lot?

Eric Britton

Source and fair use:

This article originally appeared in the New York Times of 16 March 2009, by their reporter Nicolai Ouroussoff. You can view their original article here.

And click here to view World Street’s policy on Fair Use. Comments welcome.

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