Honk! Bcycle – New Kid on the Block

Every month it seems that there is a new competitor entering the arena of the world bike-share (PBS) market. Here is the introductory video of one of the latest entrants, Bcyle. Good luck Bcycle.

* Click here for video and webpage – http://bcycle.com

Message from Seville: World City Bike Implementation Strategies

Your editor was invited to give an opening presentation at the “Jornadas de la Bicicleta Pública” in Seville Spain on 12 March 2009, with the assignment of giving the audience a feel for the pace of international developments in the sector over the last decade or so, and against that background to give them in turn a feel for some of the important issues and choices facing anyone who has the itch to create a shared bike project for their city.

The presentation drew heavily on the information developed through the New Mobility Pubic Bike project and its international network of collaborators and experts since it’s start-up in 2005.

As you will appreciate, getting such a project right is a genuine challenge on many levels, but one that, if you are willing to dig in and give it the resources and thoughtfulness it needs, can be done and done well. There is ample proof of that. But to repeat: It is a major planning challenge.

* Click here for PPT presentation

This PowerPoint document was prepared to support this presentation. For further background see the World City Bike program at http://www.worldcitybike.org, including the rich field of references and additional key sources that you will find there.

This presentation is occasionally updated, so you can find the latest version at www.seville.en.worldcitybike.org . Your questions and comments are welcome via the Comments link just below.

Eric Britton, with Esther Anaya