Fair Use on World Streets

It is the 21st century and information in its various forms travels faster, wider and more freely than ever before. All that is excellent of course, but also by its very nature all this creates ambiguities and issues of intellectual property which are at this point far from being resolved. In a virtual (and free) publication such as World Streets, in which we are ever on the lookout for information and insights from many sources in many places, we do from time to time serve as a relay point for articles and publications which have been created by others.

It is our firm policy in all such cases to cite the source fully and to provide direct linkage to the original for those of our readers wish to get it from the horse’s mouth, a great and prudent practice.

It may also be relevant in this case to note that none of the work or publications of the New Mobility Agenda have ever since our origin in 1988 carried a price tag, a fundamental underpinning of our working and sharing philosophy.

In any event, if any of our readers, or maybe somebody’s lawyers, can suggest how we might improve on this policy, please get in touch with our ever-diligent editor mailto:editor.worldstreets.org. He answers his mail.

Frequency of publication

Since this is a genuine collaborative exercise I thought it would be a good idea if from the very beginning we opened up this question of frequency of appearance to as many of our friends and colleagues who happened in here and who kindly decide to share with us their views and suggestions of this shaping decision.

It strikes me that a good way to get this conversation going is to see if we can put our finger on what is going on at the “supply side”. There are three main sources of inputs that inevitably will have a lot to do with the choice of World Streets’ frequency of “publication”: (1) the steady flow of topic-pertinent ideas and materials that come in here from colleagues and sources around the world; (2) the voluminous collection of writings, media and other materials which have steadily flowed in since the initial “virtualization” of the New Mobility Agenda starting with the first basic listserv in 1988; and (3) the considerable number of talented colleagues who are ready to chip in as authors, reporters, critics, and co-editors.

Think of that as the wine. Now what about the bottle? Or maybe what is going to be most appropriate in this case is not bottle but bottles, plural.

To get the ball rolling on March 3 we placed a small poll device on the top of the front page, which you can see just your left. We intend to give careful consideration to this feedback later in the month when we begin to create a more definite structure for this new venture. Perhaps you will have a look and register your thoughts on this.

And if you wish to take this further, may I suggest you click the comments link at the base of this short entry and share with us your thoughts on this. Teamwork.Thank you.